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Pupils as Playwrights
offers an innovative and exciting approach to drama and to developing the literacy skills of children from the ages of 6 to 12. It is especially timely now that creativity and particularly drama is being recognised as important in pupils’ development.
The book
  • makes explicit links between literacy, drama and the development of speaking and listening skills
  • presents case studies of developed process drama, noting what might be expected of children at different stages in their development
  • offers extensive practical exercises and activities
  • suggests models for planning further work
  • provides photocopiable material which can be used with children
  • gives advice on how to develop similar materials with pupils.

Pupils as Playwrights was written specifically for primary school teachers, particularly those who teach literacy and drama.
Since publication, many people have found it useful  for the advice it offers about playwriting.

Reviews of Pupils as Playwrights

"This is a well-produced book, written by Brian Woolland, a highly experienced and well-published teacher, playwright and scholar. It is written for a readership of primary teachers, and it is accessible, thoughtful and soundly grounded in classroom practice. This is a timely publication in that it advocates the integration of different aspects of learning within the primary curriculum, and shows how drama might contribute to literacy.

The book ... has a consistency and thoroughness of approach which means that it is accessible and lively to read. It is likely to inspire teachers and children and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested in integrating drama into the primary curriculum."
NATE (National Association for the Teaching of English).  
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'Woolland provides teachers with a powerful tool to develop students' literacy skills. Teachers and prospective teachers will find this a highly useful addition to their professional library. Highly recommended for all readership levels.'
Choice USA

'University and school leaders would do well to make this title prescribed reading for both primary and secondary teaching undergraduates and teaching professionals in the field. ...Highly recommended.'  
Drama Australia Journal

'Every so often a book comes along that gives me fresh inspiration and becomes a regular part of my practice, this is the case with Pupils as Playwrights.

...The key strength of this text is the sheer amount of very workable and non prescriptive ideas for work with children and young people from 6-13 (and beyond!). There are many great ideas here which are not aimed to constrain but to stimulate, and there is a plethora of material to support those new to Drama and to inspire those more experienced... Pupils as Playwrights is a rare text in that it offers non prescriptive ways of staying true to drama whilst engaging children in a range of meaningful writing/ creating experiences. English and drama teachers from Primary and Secondary with a range of experiences would find this text useful as it inspires the reader to create purposeful writing opportunities in the widest sense of the word. ...  Don't be fooled by the title, this book explores far more than creating scripts and provides many ideas for beyond the classroom. This is money well spent - regardless of experience it won't disappoint!'
Liz Taylor (Senior Lecturer in Education (English), Liverpool John Moores University).
Review appeared in The Journal; for Drama in Education
Volume 25, Issue 2
Summer 2009
ISSN 1476-9395

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Pupils as Playwrights
has now been translated and published in Arabic

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