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The Invisible Exchange

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The Invisible Exchange

is set in London, in the years 1611 - 1613.

It is planned as the first of a trilogy set in the early seventeenth century.

The novel will be published in July 2022.

It will be available as a paperback from bookshops

and as an e-book in all commonly used formats.

Matthew Edgworth is a rogue,
a man on the margins, a trickster on the inside and the outside of society,
but perhaps not be quite the hardened rogue he’d have the world and himself believe.
He is shaken by his encounters with the occult and challenged by his dealings with four powerful women, each of whom in very different ways force him into a journey of radical self-discovery.

Matthew is employed by Viscount Rochester as a spy and a fixer, and to enable his master’s affair with Frances Howard. But a servant with a store of secrets is a threat. When Frances seems impressed by his unusual skills, he imagines that he can work for them both – until he realises that Frances is as ruthless as he is. But by then he’s trapped in a scandalous intrigue that goes to the heart of the Jacobean court, and he’ll be hanged for murder, unless he can succeed in one final deadly deception.

Frances Howard was the first Englishwoman to successfully seek her own divorce – but in a deeply misogynist society she paid a terrible price for her fierce intelligence and independent spirit.

London at about the time when the novel is set

Map created by Cathy Guerin, loosely based on the Aga's map

For further information about the novel (and the second and third novels in the trilogy in due course), you can subscribe to The Invisible Exchange mailing list by sending an email to
edgworth1612@gmail.com with MAILING LIST in the subject line.

You will also be offered a free subscription to an occasional blog about early seventeenth century London and the world of the novels.
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